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BushArts.com - About us and our Contact Links

BushArts.com are a small South West Victoria, Australian based company, originally set up to supply a Graphic Arts / Web Design / I.T. support service to existing PC related customers.

This Web site began mainly to supply an additional service to those very same people, and still does through our non-public sections, however the public pages have never been restricted to those clients alone.

Our own interests in computer use created the need for further "niche" areas of the BushArts site, hence you will find sections dedicated to the graphics program "RealDraw", plus an in-progress section that is attempting to highlight many of the suitable "Crafty" uses a computer may be of assistance with.

Since 1994 we have assisted with many successful projects and have developed further into Small Business assistance, PC Supply and Training, Technical support and other related fields.

Please note that direct or personal computer support is restricted to local selected clients only.

Before you ask about using from this site... please read our Copyright notes...

Remember, it does not hurt to ask! Please use the email contacts below.

Email Links...

Send your comments and questions to our

Do you have any

...or just want to supply a bit of

We do not participate in, or reply to link exchange or SEO requests.


We are simply not interested in disclosing any private information within a personal contact to us. We do not even keep an address "on file" unless requested to do so.

Work and Play...

We supply the component parts that are used in creating Multimedia interfaces, Web pages, Electronic presentations and Games, and also supply templates that are used in a variety of areas, including Small Business accounting. Our work has been seen on sites and products in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the USA, as well as in mainstream media here Downunder, and is currently visible on well over 250 pages worldwide.

We also manage and arrange complete hosted Web Sites, particularly suitable for an Aussie Small Business. Contemplating a web site? Take these factors into consideration.

BushArts.com often require additional artwork, in particular Australian images, so please use the enquiries email link to let us know about your talents.

There is also not a very wide range of quality Australiana available across the Internet, and there should be! ...if you would like to help out by creating and sharing something suitable, please let us know.

Site Notes...

Current Heading image is of Lake Colac in South Western Victoria (October 2006 - Digitally manipulated).

We are fortunate to have this site hosted on modern, well maintained servers. However, in maintaining these servers, we sometimes manage to "break" the odd link or two, so please let us know if you ever have any trouble accessing any of our pages, or notice a "dead" or incorrect link or typo. We do appreciate the feedback.

Please enjoy your visit!