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This Computer Crafts section is a work in progress. It is our eventual aim to supply "craftish" information a little different than elsewhere across the internet. We hope to provide many Computer Craft suggestions that any PC user could use, anytime. For Crafty people with a PC, there are many additional functions that a computer can assist with.

Published articles to date include...

Christmas Craft

Christmas Craft Projects
Simple adaptable projects for the seasons.
Tag example

Christmas Patterns

Christmas Textures/Backgrounds
Seamless Patterns with a Christmas theme.

Christmas Clipart

Christmas Clipart to Download
Various Christmas themed images to use in personal projects.


Christmas objects to Cutout
Simple project examples of items to cut out at home.


Great Software for Scrapbooking, and other craft projects.

Scrapbook Clipart

Scrapbook Clipart
Image examples that may help with your computer scrapbooking.

Easter Clipart

Clipart for Easter
Image examples for Easter Bunny time.


Australiana Clipart
Aussie themed images.


All articles that we publish will take a different slant to anything else currently available, (that we know of). Wherever possible, we'll provide Artwork examples, Links or suggestions for downloading.

Everything within the BushArts site is copyright, but we have no objection to any Home user making use of our examples in personal or private projects.
Commercial usage or redistribution is not permitted without prior permission.