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Whilst these are not original ideas, (is anything?), the following are original creations, either based on 3D models or drawn, edited and assembled into brushes purely within RealDrawPro. The "Paint Shop Pro", "Photoimpact", "Photoshop" and "Painter" communities have been using tubes, brushes or nozzles for many years, and this page began the RealDraw collection.

Nozzles are simply brushes made up of a series of images that you would generally use to "make up" an image, ie: by painting a series of strokes (clicking and dragging) with each nozzle. You will need to have RealDraw, PhotoBrush or Photoseam installed to be able to use any of these.

Some are suitable to create page borders, some for each individual graphic image, (Clipart), some to paint up an image, some work best when combined with other brushes. All of these may be used to paint onto an existing RealDraw Vector. How you use them is up to you. We would recommend that continuous downward brush strokes be used with the majority of the Nozzles, and consideration be given to careful use of the "opacity" slider control.

Just place any new .brs file into your RealDraw/Brushes folder, then follow your own normal painting technique. Our brush nozzle collections begin below, with individual brushes in each download. Click on an image to download the nozzle. Some suggestions or examples of usage, are available below.

Coral Collection...

Coral 01, 157kb Coral 05, 89kb Coral 08, 74kb Coral 09, 78kb Coral 10, 93kb Coral 11, 103kb Coral 12, 39kb Coral 13, 70kb Coral 14, 148kb Coral 16, 32kb Coral 18, 18kb Coral 19, 37kb Coral 20, 230kb Coral 21, 105kb Coral 22, 133kb Coral 23, 122kb


Nemo page

Fish Collection...

Need Fish for your Coral Scenes? Not all displayed at actual size.
Fish 02, 45kb Fish 03, 254kb Fish 04, 151kb Fish 06, 191kb Fish 07, 220kb Fish 13, 125kb Fish 19, 159kb Fish 20, 230kb

Many of these Fish images are based on 3D models supplied by The Toucan Corporation of Japan and used here with their kind permission. These models can be downloaded from Toucan in .3ds format for your own renderings, or you can purchase High Resolution versions at Turbosquid. Please note that Commercial useage may be restricted with these fish freebies.

Outdoor Collection...

Not all displayed at actual size.
Butterfly's 92kb Spiders 114kb Bugs 42kb Flower 03 21kb Flower 04 110kb Flower 05 179kb Flower 08 108kb Rose 01 126kb Rose 03 99kb Rose 04 142kb Rose 05 95kb Grass 32kb Leaves 03 31kb Gumleaves 209kb Rocks 01 104kb Rocks 02 90kb

Several of these "Outdoor" nozzles work well with other collections too!

Christmas Collection...

Christmas Tree 01 23kb Christmas Tree 02 13kb Holly 01 51kb Flowers 02 86kb Tinsel 01 09kb Presents 01 122kb Christmas 6 29kb Christmas 7 69kb Christmas 9 40kb Balloons 319kb Lights 03 54kb Pine Cones 113kb

Christmas Nozzles are excellent for making up your own decorations, page borders and frames!

Craft Collection...

flower03 Hearts03 Screws/Bolts Chain01

Craft Collection nozzles are available within BushArts Craft Section.


Adjusting the spacing percentage slider will have an effect on how nozzles are applied. Colour overlay may also be suitable for some nozzles. Although painted images will resize down reasonably OK, all image brushes are treated as Bitmaps by RealDraw, not as shapes, therefore upsizing is not recommended; however, the filters included on the "Bitmap Tweak" menu will be available, and you can also still use all of RD's usual other features. All of the image nozzles can also be used to act as a transparency filter.

Making your own brushes is very easy to do, read our "Image Brushes" page for some hints.

You are able to combine more than one Downloaded Nozzle into a single collection of Brushes by using RealDraws Import/Export function, within the brush panel.

The RD Help file has ample information on creating, editing or painting with Brushes. For further information, you should feel free to ask any questions within the Real Draw Forums. Whilst these were created specifically for RealDraw, they will also work with other Mediachance products, such as "PhotoBrush" or "Photoseam".