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What is Real Draw Pro by Mediachance?

Most computer users have a need to edit or create a graphic image sooner or later. Whether this be a screenshot of a computer activity, the adjustment of a digital or scanned photo, web buttons, creating a logo or banner, making digital scrapbook embellishments, or indeed any other graphic use, an appropriate software program will be required eventually. This can then become a very complex and difficult situation for anyone unfamiliar with the massive variety of program choices available.

Programs such as Adobe "Photoshop", or Corels "Paint Shop Pro" will often be mentioned as a suitable choice of program to purchase. These two are excellent programs, and along with several others, are excellent graphic tools to have on your computer.

...But they are not as easy to use as "RealDrawPro" by MediaChance, and are more than double RealDraws' price.

Sample RealDraw Screen

"...Real-DRAW is a very powerful and innovative combination of Vector, 3D and Bitmap editing. It has the editing flexibility of vector graphics with the natural and organic feel of bitmap textures, rendered 3D surfaces, shadows, lights, transparencies and bevels. All is WYSIWYG and created in real time. It takes the very best ideas from all known creative methods and logically combines them..." (RealDraw pdf manual).

There is much more - Real-DRAW is one of the most versatile graphics programs and is very inexpensive. You can create images from painted art to photo-realistic 3D rendering, or anything in between. It is particularly good at adjusting Photographs, and at preparing images for further screen usage. This includes images for Internet or E-Mail use, images requiring a reduction in size, (either physical or file sizing), and images that may need an adjustment in colour or sharpness. Or, you could just simply draw something!

It's an excellent tool for Crafters, for school projects, for creating artwork to use on Celebration Cards, Work Documents and Presentations, or in Electronic or Web Publishing. You can be very creative as everything is editable at any time, you don't have to recreate the graphics over and over again. Almost anyone could become a graphic genius with this program.

(As at May 2021 Real Draw 5 is selling at Mediachance for only $25 USD, (about $40 AUD), ...an absolute bargain!)

Where else can you get a feature list like this under $AU100.00?...

  • Bitmap Effects ...Saturation, Sharpen, Colour Boost, to some exotic effects,
  • Quick Style Library,
  • Many 3D Effects, bevels, extrudes, shadows,
  • Four levels of Antialiasing,
  • Painting with brushes on vector objects, bitmaps or directly on Canvas,
  • Vector editing with Paths, Curves, and Boolean functions,
  • Editing of Text shapes,
  • Texture Mixing with unlimited textures,
  • GenetX Procedural Textures and Colors - millions of combinations,
  • Texture rotation, sizing and perspective,
  • Unlimited number of 3D lighting on each object,
  • Apply effects to any object, ...text, vector, bitmap, photo or a brush stroke,
  • Color correction for each object separately,
  • Export with preview, quality control, size image, sharpen, and color correction,
  • Enhanced sampling quality on JPG,
  • Export and import to SVG and PNG formats,
  • A special Editable E-JPG export,
  • Export to Photoshop with all of the objects and shadows in separate layers,
  • Import and translation of WMF files,
  • Ability to create a wholly interactive web page, using CSS/HTML,
  • Multimedia Export to authoring tools,
  • Smart nondestructive Crop,
  • Packaging, Nested Packaging, Nested Grouping,
  • Guidelines, Grids, full or draft wire frame view,
  • Blueprint method for cloning with onion skin ability,
  • Nozzles and Brushes,
  • Megarender to larger sizes,
  • Natural Paint Rendering,
  • Liquid Brushing,
  • Individual Layers,
  • Inbuilt Screenshot Tool,
  • Bitmap Filters,
  • Bitmap to Vector,
  • Bitmap Tracing,
  • Transparency tools,
  • Photo import,
  • Text Glyph import and enhancement,
  • Vector Painting,
  • Vector Transparency,
  • and much much more...

All of the above can be further explained within the Mediachance Software RealDraw web site, or may be found within RealDraws' own Help file. Further Tips and Tricks for using RealDraw can be found around this BushArts site, along with many downloadable extras.

Although Real Draw was not designed to replace any other program, - rather work alongside your own existing tools, many users find that it will do virtually every graphic task the others can, but do many faster, and via a much simpler method. This does not mean that it has only simple functions, - even skilled web designers and experienced graphic artists are constantly re-discovering some of the many "extra" features that put many far more expensive programs to shame.

A Fully functional trial version is freely available to download and test for 30 Days, after which we are certain even loyal fans of competitors programs' will recognize the extreme value. There are also many of the Computer Graphics industrys' "Top Guns" that quietly list RealDraw amongst their tools of choice. It has been reviewed by many, and always with a very high rating.

Get Real!

For background info... Mediachance is a one man operation based in Canada, and BushArts.com are not affiliated with Mediachance.