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BushArts.com - Copyright Guidlines

Can you use any of our images in your own personal or commercial situation?

Remember, everything you see within BushArts.com is copyright. It does not require a notice attached to be so.

In many situations, the answer will be Yes, but in some circumstances, we reserve the right to deny the use of our product. Whilst we have freely allowed our published content to be taken and used from our site by some people, it may not always be so.

Home, Private or Personal use on web or print media is permitted...

Home, Private or Personal use on web or print media is permitted without requiring any credit be given. To be personally used in a non profit project, by those unable to create their own, is the major creative purpose of this site and its content.

Commercial or Professional use is a different story. If you expect to receive a financial or other incentive from using our content, then you are outside the permissions we have already given. All normal copyright/trademark laws and etiquette apply.

However, we are unlikely to object to any commercial situation using our published content to create, build, or enhance their own commercial project. Our restrictions would include that our own original content is protected from redistribution. (there are exceptions here too).

There are many commercial situations that our published content is acceptable to be used in... and is currently. In some cases, we have even liked the suggestion enough to provide a better quality of product, rather than the low resolution images used for web distribution.

Let us know exactly what you intend to do...

Naturally we would expect to be asked first, when considering using our content in a commercial situation. It is always helpful if you provide an example of what you want to do. (send a link, not a copy!). Please do not bother just asking "can I include this in my commercial project?". Let us know exactly what you intend to do, you will not gain permission if we don't have a very clear idea of your intentions.

Who are you?...

We will also need to know who you are. That means your Real Name, and Real Email/Web address. Another person may, over time, assume a particular web identity, so we don't treat anonymous requests with much priority. (eg: a request from JX42159 at hootmailer.com ...will not be taken seriously). We do need to know who we are giving permission to, and we do not share this information.

MySpace, Facebook, Youtube etc...

We don't mind people using our stuff to enhance their personal pages on sites like Myspace, Youtube, Msngroups, or within personal content sections on gaming sites like "SecondLife" etc etc. (there are many that already do).

But it must be a copy of the relevant file, placed onto the Myspace, etc server. It is an illegal attempt at bandwidth theft to link directly to the files on our server. There is absolutely no reason for us to pay the bandwidth fees for people to visit your site.

Contact notes...

Feel free to get in touch via the usual electronic media, but be aware that we do receive multiple mails each day. Some will fall into one of our many "Spam" traps, ...commonly hotmail, gmail, yahoo type mail messages fall by the wayside.

Please try again from a legitimate mail address if your first message does not receive a reply, and we will respect your confidentiality. Whilst our priority will always be with our existing clients, we will always attempt to get to every question asked of us, relevant or not.