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Textures are Patterns that repeat in all directions, without showing any obvious join. Below is a small selection of BushArts collection for your own applications.

Further Busharts Textures are available on our Christmas Textures page.

Please do not link directly to these files, download them to your own system or server.

Right click over each texture, Save "Target or Link as"...
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tex06 tex18 tex42 tex28 tex51 tex53 tex58 tex104 tex150 tex160


tex2005 tex2057 tex2067 tex2075 tex2076 tex2084 tex2085 tex2097 tex2064 tex2065


tex1001 tex1010 tex1011 tex1012 tex1013 tex1017 tex1019 tex1033 tex1047 tex1050


tex4062 tex4072 tex4094 tex4168 tex4172 tex4179 tex4181 tex4182 tex809 tex5002


tex3001 tex3011 tex3022 tex3039 tex3074 tex3075 tex3082 tex3084 tex3086 tex3087

Eye Candy:Textures

You can create your own textures very easily...
if you have either one of the following brilliant programs...
Both of these programs are capable of producing seamless high quality textures in a variety of styles. Below are just a few Lo-res examples.

1/ "EyeCandy"

Eye Candy 01 Eye Candy 02 Eye Candy 03 Eye Candy 04 Eye Candy 05 Eye Candy 06

Genetica 2: Textures

2/ Spiralgraphics "Genetica"
A free standing "Node" based texture generator.

Genetica 01 Genetica 02 Genetica 03 Genetica 04 Genetica 05 Genetica 06

RealDrawPro users: add the file into your RD/Texture folder, or Sub Folder in RD4.

For other Programs: refer to that programs' Help file for instructions on using Textures or Patterns.

All of the above are Copyright to BushArts.com. Private useage is welcomed, redistribution is not.