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Christmas Texture

Whilst Christmas comes but once a year... Crafty people can use these at any time.

Textures are Patterns that repeat in all directions, without showing any obvious join. They can be used in programs like "RealDrawPro" "ScrapbookMax" or "Adobe Photoshop", as a paper, pattern or overlay, as background images, or even as a mapped image over a 3D model, among many other uses.

Textures can be handy for crafty computer users creating digital artwork, paper effects or decorations with a Christmas theme.

The below textures are a small sample of our vast collection, we hope you may find a benefit in using any of these in your own projects.

Please - do - not - link - directly - to - these - images,

either link to this page,

or download a copy to your own system, server or page.

Right click over each texture image, Save "Target or Link as"...
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tex500 tex502 tex505 tex507 tex509 tex510 tex513 tex514 tex515 tex517 tex518 tex519 tex520 tex521 tex522 tex524 tex525 tex527 tex528 tex531 tex535 tex537 tex546 tex549 tex550 tex551 tex552 tex557 tex559 tex560 tex561 tex563 tex566 tex571 tex572 tex573 tex574 tex575 tex576 tex577 tex579 tex580 tex581 tex588 tex589 tex591 tex592 tex593 tex597 tex598

Below is a low-res example of Christmas textures applied to a 3D model.

(The model is "Aiko" by Daz3d, the Dress is courtesy of Bat, - "Made in Japan/Penthouse collection").

Christmas tex


Below are seamless images suitable for either Vertical or Horizontal Borders, or as side decorations on Christmas cards etc etc...

Right click over each texture image, Save "Target or Link as"...
Half image only on this screen.

tex601 tex602 tex603 tex605 tex607 tex608 tex610 tex613 tex614 tex615 tex618 tex620 tex622

All of the above are Copyright to BushArts.com. Private useage is welcomed, redistribution is not.

Several of the above textures were created with the assistance of our own RealDraw Nozzles, others were built using Adobe compatible filters, such as the excellent Redfield series of plugins.