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BushArts.com Christmas Computer Craft

Easy to do...

Place Cards

Place Cards or Table Tags are one of the simplest items to create on your PC. Assuming you have suitable images, all you need is to draw a rectangle, (optional, will create a border), add a piece of clipart and some text if required. You can do this with most programs. Print it out, cut allowing enough for the back section, then cut out around the centre feature, (using scalpel or pointed knife), and just fold across the middle.

Tag example Tag example 2

Gift Tags

Gift tags are also one of the simpler items to create. These could even be printed onto Business cards using existing templates. First decide the size of your gift tag, then place a shape at that size, and add your artwork and text if required. Print them out ready to use.

Xmas Tag 01 Xmas Tag 02
Xmas Tag 03 Xmas Tag 04
Xmas Tag 05 Xmas Tag 06
Xmas Tag 07 Xmas Tag 08

Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes are only a little trickier. First decide the size of your gift box, then place a rectangle at that size, add another 5 in the pattern below, and add your artwork and/or text. Print them out ready to use. When cutting out, allow enough to enable the joining tabs.

Box Pattern
Box example


There is plenty of free clipart available across the Internet, and here's a page full of items that you may use in your Christmas projects. Save these to your own PC, and they can be used over and over again...
BushArts Christmas Clipart Page


Whilst it is BushArts philosophy that people will do it themselves, not everyone will have the time, skill or opportunity to do so. If you do not have a chance to create your own, a right click over any of the above images, then choose from the menu... "Save Picture As..." will allow you to download the above images to your own PC, for your own use.

Be aware of the size you create your own stuff at, Computers work with "pixels" as a measurement, whilst printers work with the usual inch/centimetre standard. Normally you would Right click the image in your print program, and choose the "Attributes" or "Properties" option, to set an exact print size.

The paper you print on will determine the quality of your finished product. Avoid using the everyday photocopy type of paper, there are heavier, better quality papers readily available, and you are not limited to using basic white paper.

Christmas is not the only time that the above techniques or projects could be used.

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