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RealDrawPro is the perfect graphic tool for you!

Every RealDraw article within this site may also be used to aid your scrapbooking.

Real Draw Pro by Mediachance is an image program that provides a powerful combination of graphics tools that usually require several expensive or complicated programs.

RealDraw is neither expensive nor complicated, and has many "jaw dropping" features!

Already got Real Draw? or just testing the free demo? Want some extra downloads to boost your version?

In amongst these Web articles, you may find just a few (dozen) tips and tricks, plus the following RealDraw downloads... Grids, Bumpmaps, Basic Brushes, Genetx Textures, Layouts, Gradients, "Bruzzles", EBook Tutorials, many Export Scripts, 75 Nozzles and over 120 Textures ...and they are still all free for home users!

Web Articles...

"25 plus free tips and tricks to enhance the brilliant software - RealDrawPro"
(Including extra Downloads, Tips, Tutorials and Links to assist with your projects).

"RealDrawPro - Image Nozzles (Tubes)"
Other Graphics communities have been doing these for years, now you can download sets for RealDraw too!

RD Nozzles

"RealDrawPro - Image Brushes"
All about making your own image Brush or Nozzle.

"RealDrawPro - Bruzzles!"
Not really a Brush or Nozzle, But great effects nonetheless!

"RealDrawPro CSS Web Pages"
How to create RealDraw Web pages, using CSS - no Tables!
Links to CSS Layouts, and script adjusting instructions.

CSS Examples

"RealDrawPro - Playing with Shapes"
A few basics about using RealDraw Shapes.

"RealDrawPro - Additional Textures"
Extra Textures to download and install into RD's /Texture Folder.

Texture 06 on text

"What is RealDrawPro"
Don't know what sort of program RealDraw is?

RealDraw Basics - Tutorial Digital Web Books (E-Books).

RD Ebooks

Volume One "Beginner Basics"

Volume One looks briefly at the various tools, menus and functions. Beginners Level.

RD Ebook Vol 1/5

Volume Two "Mini Example Projects"

Follow along with these as you work with RealDraw, for a basic grounding in how to use many of the programs features. They are designed to be a demonstration of how the various individual tools can be used.

RD Ebook Vol 2 series
Free Download... just unzip and run the ebook.exe file like a normal Windows program.
We do recommend Virus scanning all .exe files before running, regardless of where you get them from.

A quick "thank you" to the hundreds of people that have given us feedback on these books, your comments are very much appreciated!

BushArts.com have no affiliation with Mediachance. We are simply long time users of various Mediachance products and often recommend this particular program to our clients. RD is different enough to confuse a computer user unfamiliar with graphic terminology or has not previously attempted to create digital artwork, yet is so easy to use, that programs costing hundreds of dollars more now just look silly. So - get Real!!