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BushArts.com Christmas Cutouts

Cutting out a few shapes, and joining them together, is a simple job, maybe one for the kids? You may use the examples below, or be creative and make up your own shapes. All that is required, is to cut a centre line half way up from the bottom in your first image, half way down from the top in the second image.

All of these will look much better if cut out of coloured paper or if you use your computer to decorate both sides of the paper first.

Star example

Cut Two of the Star shapes, and "flip" the second one, or use your software to flip or rotate the second piece, before decorating. Add string or cord to enable the star to be hung.

Star shape

The tree will require only one shape, cut twice as marked below.

Tree shape

Tree shape 2

Tree example

Add string if required, or for example, add a smaller star from above. If decorated well, these make great Christmas Decorations, and are very simple to create. Cutout images of people, plants or other object shapes.

The next two examples, require cutting around the base to create a "Stand" for your shape. Fold the loop back and join with tape.



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