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Scrapbook images and layouts can often be enhanced with the addition of just a few extra graphics. And whilst Digital Scrapbook Art is widely available across the Internet, it is mostly in collections to purchase. We hope you may find something useful here amongst these freebies.


As these were designed for "screen" use in preference to "print", some knowledge of graphics formats/programs would be an advantage, should you decide to use any of these in a printed project. (they will generally print just fine, but may appear smaller than expected).

We give you choices... You may "Right Click" any of the below images, and choose "Save Image (Picture) as..." to download that particular graphic to your own system. This will give you a .jpg image to use as you would any other, but you will only get the same as what you see on screen here, which in most cases is a reduced, incomplete or combined version, and will include any background and description.

Another (Recommended) option is to click on the links below selected sections to download that collection in RealDrawPro .brs (Brush/Nozzle) format. This RealDraw "brush" format keeps all transparency... in other words, each image has no background. Plus, a few of these images are semi-transparent, and you get to use the bonus capabilities of RealDraw as well, such as painting with these brushes over a vector shape.

You will need to have RealDraw (or Photoseam / Photobrush from the same company), installed on your computer to be able to use this .brs format, with the bonus feature of being able to extract each individual image into a library of clipart, or "export" from within RealDraw to any other program or format, including into programs like "Adobe Photoshop", "Paint Shop Pro", "Microsoft Word", "ScrapbookMax!" or into your other favourite scrapbook layout program. There is also a larger range of images within the brush collections.

Get Real! it's well worth the small investment for crafty computer users.

Third Option... Selected items are available below in .png format, including an "alpha" (transparency) channel or layer. Not all programs support this transparent layer. RealDraw and Photoshop are two that do. If your own program supports this format fully, then you will have the images free of any background, and ready to use as is.

You do not need to download both .png and .brs file. Whilst there is more within the brush collections, the .png files are exactly the same in content.

Most are not shown here at actual size.


flower01 flower02 flower03 flower04 flower05 flower06 flower07 flower08 flower09
Download RealDraw Brush... Florals.zip 1261Kb
Download images in .PNG Format... pngflowers.zip 725kb


Hearts01 Hearts02 Hearts03 Hearts04
Download RealDraw Brush... Hearts.zip 864kb
Download images in .PNG Format... pnghearts.zip 518kb

Stars and Buttons...

Stars01 Stars02 Buttons01 Buttons02 Buttons03
Download RealDraw Brush... Craft Stars.zip 54kb
Download RealDraw Brush... Buttons.zip 360kb
Download images in .PNG Format... pngmiscell.zip 189kb

Page Accessories...

Tags01 Tags02 Tags03 Notes/Stickies Corners Eyelets Studs Screws
Download RealDraw Brush... Pagebits.zip 336kb
Download images in .PNG Format... pngpagebits.zip 272kb


Shapes Pearls Deco01 Deco02 Deco03 Cross Clip Chain01 Chain02
Download RealDraw Brush... Craft Decorations.zip 634kb
Download RealDraw Brush... Chains.zip 45kb
Download images in .PNG Format... pngdeco.zip 532kb

There are also further free items around the BushArts site, suitable for Crafty Computer users.

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Everything within the BushArts site is copyright, but we have no objection to any Home user making use of our artwork or examples in personal or private projects. Commercial usage or redistribution is not permitted without prior permission. Never link directly to these files.